Valve and Fitting Solutions Official HAM-LET Distributor

Valve and Fitting Solutions are the UK Distributor for the HAM-LET range of stainless steel double ferrule tube fittings, instrumentation valves and auxiliary products in the UK.  We also supply custom fabrications and assemblies to provide value added parts and services.  All HAM-LET fittings are certified by TUV to be interchangeable and intermixable with Swagelok® range of fittings.

Our Customers


From its foundation in 2005, hundreds of customers have changed to Valve and Fitting Solutions from Swagelok®, Parker® and Hoke®.  These customers are making significant savings and cost reductions efficiencies utilising HAM-LET double ferrule Let-Lok, Pipe, HTC High Purity and other products.

Our customers agree that the expert advice and exceptional customer service that they enjoy from Valve and Fitting Solutions Ltd consistently beat our competitors and is one of the key factor for using us time and time again.

We can confirm that we have saved circa £12,000 directly resulting from Valve & Fitting Solutions Ltd and our Engineering and Purchasing teams collaboration on this project.
Furthermore, the quality of materials and on time delivery of the equipment to meet our exacting requirements gives us confidence in Valve & Fitting Solutions Ltd assured performance.

Project Manager, Major International Chemical Company

Last year we awarded Valve & Fitting Solutions a blanket contract to provide cleaned and capped tubing, valves and fittings.  Because of the company’s excellent service and price competitiveness, what began as an annual contract renewal was changed to a three year contract renewal. The quality of the HAM-LET fittings and valves and our experience with the team at Valve & Fitting Solutions has been second to none.

Senior Project Manager, Research & Development Laboratory

Our department was looking for a cost effective means of training technicians and researchers in HAM-LET/Swagelok double ferrule high pressure fittings. Phil delivered admirably in terms of cost, content and making the course interesting. He was very professional and organised and did everything on time. Everyone who attended was very impressed and enjoyed themselves.

Chief Lab Technician, Major UK University

I would like to get all parts under one supplier and my choice would definitely be Valve and Fitting Solutions, you are by far the best supplier I work with.

Logistics Manager, Export Analyser Company