Frequently Asked Questions

Since the company formed in 2005 we have had many questions asked of us and so we have complied a list below of some of the most common questions we get asked by our customers and potential customers.  However if your particular question is not listed, please contact us by phone on +44 191 489 1810 or email us at sales@vfs-ltd.com

Are you an official distributor or a re-seller?2017-03-14T16:25:57+00:00

We have been operating exclusively as a official HAM-LET distributor since 2005 and have the technical expertise to provide the right product for the right application.

Can I pay by debit/credit card?2017-03-15T17:02:54+00:00

Yes absolutely!  We can accept payment in a range of ways including debit/credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Card Payment

Can you send orders direct under plain cover?2017-03-14T16:27:11+00:00

Yes.  We can send your order direct to your chosen destination under plain cover with your own delivery note at no extra cost.  Please request this option when placing your order.

What length tubing to do you supply?2017-03-14T16:30:35+00:00

We ship in standard 3m and 6m lengths of 316SS tubing.  However we can offer custom length tubing cut and deburred to your exact length requirements.

We can also supply our PFA/PTFE/Nylon tubing in custom lengths or standard 25m, 50m and 100m coils.

Do you stock auxiliary tools?2017-03-14T16:35:09+00:00

Yes.  We provide a full compliment of hand tools to help make installation of your tube systems as easy, safe and efficiently as possible.

HAM-LET Let-Lok Instrumentation Tube Tools
Stainless Steel Tube Cutter

High Quality Tube Reamer Deburrer
High Quality Tube In-Out Reamer

Nylon PFA PTFE Tube Cutter
Nylon PFA PTFE Tube Cutter

Do you have a catalogue?2017-03-15T16:29:28+00:00

Yes.  We have a comprehensive product catalogue which we can send to you free of charge or which is also available online by clicking the image below.

HAM-LET Catalogue

Can you convert competitors part numbers?2017-03-14T16:40:40+00:00

Yes.  We have over 40 years experience in this field, converting part numbers is an every day occurrence for us.  This ensures that we provide the correct product and the lower cost alternative.

How much experience do you have?2017-03-14T16:43:05+00:00

We have been supplying HAM-LET products since 2005 and have worked within the instrumentation industry for over 40 years.  You can be assured that our advice is technically sound and customer driven.

Is there a minimum order charge?2017-03-14T16:46:04+00:00

No.  We believe that if a customer wants 1 fitting or 100 fittings the same high level of service should apply.

Do you have emergency out of hours availability?2017-03-14T16:48:15+00:00

Yes.  The strength of our organisation is our ability to provide emergency service 24/7.  Simply call us on our emergency out of hours tel 07863 266 232.

Can you supply special items?2017-03-15T15:51:08+00:00

Yes.  We can – we use our experience and knowledge to provide the best solution to your requirements and we can have special items manufactured in our factory.  However, we do not make false promises and will quickly confirm if we are able to produce the requested items or if we are unable to offer you a solution.

Do you offer installation services?2017-03-15T15:54:24+00:00

Yes.  We can offer installation services including turnkey packages from system design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Can you supply AutoCAD/Solidworks/3D/Tech drawings?2017-03-15T16:49:05+00:00

Yes.  We can provide technical drawings in .PDF format as well as AutoCAD, Solid Modelling, Para Solid 3D in the following file types:  .x_t, .step, .igs, .dxf, .dwg.

There is no cost for this service and our turnaround times are very fast.


Do you offer training courses?2017-03-16T12:03:59+00:00

Yes.  We have conducted hundreds of training courses in numerous market sectors including the Oil and Gas industry as well as in many Universities across the UK.  We offer training courses in small bore tube bending, installation, maintenance, safety and high purity systems.

HAM-LET Training Double Ferrule HAM-LET Training Double Ferrule HAM-LET Training Double Ferrule HAM-LET Training Double Ferrule

What materials are your valves and fittings available in?2017-03-15T16:52:22+00:00

As standard our fittings are available in 316 Stainless Steel and Brass.

However, we also offer exotic materials including Monel® Alloy 400, Hastelloy® Alloy C-276, Super Duplex 2507 and other materials upon request.

Do you have any customer testimonials?2017-03-16T11:35:14+00:00

We have build up an enviable reputation over our 12 year history for service, quality, reliability, safety and performance.  We have many satisfied customers and here are just a few of their testimonials.

We can confirm that we have saved circa £12,000 directly resulting from Valve & Fitting Solutions Ltd and our Engineering and Purchasing teams collaboration on this project.
Furthermore, the quality of materials and on time delivery of the equipment to meet our exacting requirements gives us confidence in Valve & Fitting Solutions Ltd assured performance.

Project Manager, Major International Chemical Company

Last year we awarded Valve & Fitting Solutions a blanket contract to provide cleaned and capped tubing, valves and fittings.  Because of the company’s excellent service and price competitiveness, what began as an annual contract renewal was changed to a three year contract renewal. The quality of the HAM-LET fittings and valves and our experience with the team at Valve & Fitting Solutions has been second to none.

Senior Project Manager, Research & Development Laboratory

Our department was looking for a cost effective means of training technicians and researchers in HAM-LET/Swagelok double ferrule high pressure fittings. Phil delivered admirably in terms of cost, content and making the course interesting. He was very professional and organised and did everything on time. Everyone who attended was very impressed and enjoyed themselves.

Chief Lab Technician, Major UK University
Where are your valves and fittings manufactured?2017-03-16T11:59:41+00:00

Our valves and fittings are manufactured by HAM-LET.  There are production factories in Israel, Canada, Japan, Norway and Holland.

HAM-LET factories are state of the art, high tech facilities using only the latest manufacturing and production equipment available.


What delivery options do you offer?2017-03-16T11:59:04+00:00

We use UPS for our shipments and can offer next day 9am, 10:30am, 12pm and end of day delivery options.  We can also ship worldwide but please contact us to quote a lead time.

We will also hand delivery emergency/urgent requirements upon request.

UPS Logo

Do you have any UK approvals?2017-03-16T11:48:03+00:00

Yes.  We have numerous approvals gathered from some of the main bluechip engineering companies in the UK including Sellafield Nuclear, BOC, Air Products, GE, Siemens, Rohm & Haas, Tyco, Intel, Raytheon, Air Liquide, and many more.

What are the pressure ratings of your valves and fittings?2017-03-16T11:41:56+00:00

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of valves and fittings from high vacuum to 60,000 PSI.  To see each products pressure/temp ratings please refer to the relevant product’s datasheet available on our website or simply contact us via phone on +44 191 489 1810 or email sales@vfs-ltd.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What warranty do you offer?2017-03-16T11:44:43+00:00

One of the most commonly asked question we hear from potential customers is:-

“Are your tube fittings Interchangeable and intermixable with Swagelok, Hoke Gyrolok, Parker A-lok etc”.

We are so confident that our components are manufactured to the same exacting standards and tolerances that we also provide a limited lifetime warranty to eradicate the misleading claims that components cannot be intermixed.

For additional information, test reports and actual “hands on demonstrations” please contact us to find out more.

As a result of extensive testing and evaluations by HAM-LET and from the many thousands of satisfied customers around the world who have chosen our products for SAFETY, RELIABILITY and PERFORMANCE, HAM-LET hereby warrants all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

This warranty shall also extend to the intermixing of components manufactured by several American organisations such as Swagelok, Hoke, Parker and HAM-LET products.

The manufacture shall be liable only if the product is used as specified in the current catalogues and written instructions.

The purchaser’s remedies shall be limited to replacement and installation of any parts that fail through a defect in material or workmanship.  Manufacture specifically disavows any other representation, expressed or implied, warranty, or liability relating to the condition or use of the product.


Do you supply 3.1b certification?2017-03-16T11:30:49+00:00

Yes.  All our HAM-LET valves and fittings are available as standard in heat code traceable 316 stainless steel with 3.1b material certification.  Unlike our competitors we do not charge for this service.

3.1b Material Certification

Are your fittings silver plated to prevent galling?2017-03-15T16:55:01+00:00

Yes. The threads on the nuts of all HAM-LET fittings are specially silver plated to prevent galling between the nut and the body of the fitting when tightening 1-1/4 turns, making it easier for the installer to ensure leak tight connections.

Are your fittings compatible with other brands?2017-03-16T12:01:48+00:00

Yes.  Numerous independent stringent tests and evaluations have verified the interchange ability and compatibility of several manufactures of double ferrule tube fittings, including the well known American brands.  Below is an example of one of many of our independent tests (this one by TUV in Germany) done to prove interchange ability.