Ham-Let have completed the development of Silicone Free valves, features valves with negligible residuals of silicone, according to laboratory type test, the concentration of silicone is <0.35 μg/mL.

Production processes have been adapted and monitored to prevent any silicone contamination in the valve components and assembly, inspected for silicone residues in each component by the strict ICP-AES Vista method.

Consequently, HAM-LET now offers lubricated, silicone free industrial valves.

Why Silicone Free?

Nowadays, the rising usage of silicone-based products in a wide range of industrial products may cause to silicone contamination.
Silicone contamination is known to have a negative impact and not always visible to the naked eye.
There are many sources for silicone contamination with common sources being mold releases or lubricants on manufacturing tools, off gassing during cure of silicone paste adhesives, and residue from pressure sensitive tape.
On assembly processes such as soldering, adhesive bonding, coating, and wire bonding. In particular, silicone is known to cause de-wetting of materials from surfaces and can result in adhesive failures. Some of the same physical and chemical properties that make silicone attractive, namely a high degree of chemical inertness, thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, make silicone contamination a ubiquitous problem.
This means customers prefer to avoid upstream contamination by using products without silicone. Therefore, manufacturers are seeking for the best solutions that ensures that their products are completely silicone-free.

High-Focus Industries

  • Pharma
  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor
  • Paint industry

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